Gospel Reflections for Sun Nov 29th 2015

23 November 2015

Luke 21:25-36


Last days


This Sunday is the beginning of a new church year and therefore the first Sunday in Advent. From now through most of 2016 we will be following the Lectionary Year C schedule of readings, which focus on selections from the Gospel of Luke for much of the time.


At this time of the year, we hear all of these last days reminders, but what’s all the fuss about? Some might say WHAT FUSS? … and rightly so, as it seems that we do all become blasé about end times and there is no fuss evident in our society these days.

But in this reading Jesus paints a fairly dramatic picture of signs of the end of the age along with the accompanying reminders and warnings. Are these meant to be scare tactics for us TODAY to jolt us into renewed spiritual fervour? Possibly, but another thought has crossed my mind. (In any case, even for people who don’t yet know Jesus, I’m not sure that this type of scare tactic is at all helpful in establishing for them, a relationship with God.)

As we hear these words centuries later, we have the benefit of interpreting them from the other side of the cross and it is especially verse 28 that stands out for me. We need not get hung up on the dramatic signs and warning, or get scared into a state of fear, worried about our salvation, because we now know that it’s a done deal! Today, we have the freedom to just get on with our life of service, secure in the knowledge that we can “stand up and lift up (our) heads, because (our) redemption is drawing near”

I get annoyed when the words of Jesus, which were spoken to sort out a situation THEN, are (in my opinion) incorrectly applied to the completely different context of NOW. We may as well still be living under the law with the Old Testament Jews, if we are unable to relax and take comfort in the “once and for all” death and resurrection of Jesus, which has freed us up from all of that religious piety! So let’s celebrate these post-cross days!