Gospel Reflections for Sun June 2nd

26 May 2013

Luke 7:1-10   The Roman Officer's faith


There are some interesting dimensions to this passage. Jesus certainly gives the centurion a positive and glowing report!. A surprising aspect is that Jesus highlights the faith of "an enemy" of the Jewish people. Furthermore He makes a rather controversial comment "I have not found such faith even in Israel" (v 9). That comment probably would have been taken as a bit of an insult by most of His listeners in the audience. It is also surprising that the centurion would actually turn to Jesus for help. (Perhaps the thinking of the lectionary designers was to follow up on Pentecost with a practical real life example of the Spirit at work?)


So what does this passage have to say to us as staff in Lutheran schools in the 21st century?


Well, I think we can take something from the fact that even Jesus is surprised that this enemy soldier provides a model of faith. This is a reminder to us that we too can be expected to be surprised where faith might show up in our own school communities! It could even show up at times and in places where we think the people around us may be totally oblivious to, ambivelent about, or even hostile to the Word.


We are encourgaed to expect the unexpected when Word and Spirit go to work!