Gospel Reflections for Sun Feb 21st 2016

16 February 2016


Luke 13:31-35


Jesus' sorrow over Jerusalem


Quite a heavy reading this one, which leaves us struggling to find relevance for us today as we work with staff, students and families in our Lutheran schools.


Luke 13:31-35 starts out with a warning from the Pharisees for Jesus about Herod’s plan to kill him. Further along it becomes a reflection on the nature of the work of Jesus and the tragic part played by Jerusalem in unfolding the entire story.


For us today though, as a reading during Lent, it surely challenges us to consider how we live our lives and whether or not we manage to point people to the power and healing of the cross.

What part are we playing right now in helping to bring about the establishment of God’s kingdom in this 21st century secular world? Do we allow our efforts to be deflected or minimized by earthly considerations? E.g NAPLAN or year 12 results, what’s happening on the share market, the general volatility in world financial affairs, the cost of electricity, housing, petrol, food etc?


How have we shown Jesus to someone this week?




  • 16 February 2016
    Gospel Reflections for Sun Feb 21st 2016