Gospel Reflections for Sun Dec 6th 2015

30 November 2015



The one BIG task of Lutheran Schools! 

Luke 3:1–6   

Ok what sticks out here? A few of my observations:

1. The intricate detail that Luke records in order to pin down the exact period in time when these events occurred. It seems that Luke 3:1,2 have been valuable in this regard for authenticating the biblical timeline in history. 
2. The well known line from the song “Prepare ye the way” (GODSPELL) and the strong Advent flavour of that little section.
3. Yet another example of OT prophesy being quoted and fulfilled. From what I can gather, this passage referred to from Isaiah 40, was written around 700 years earlier.
4. An interesting statement in verse 6 “… and all mankind will see God’s salvation”. A face value interpretation of this verse points towards the questionable concept of universalism – the idea that ALL people will be saved. For what it is worth, the following link gives an interesting perspective on the use of the word salvation here http://www.gracecommentary.com/luke-3_1-6/. Scroll down to the bottom to read the comments on Luke 3:6.

What then is God saying to us today as leaders in Lutheran Schools through this passage? Well obviously every one can make up their own mind … and that’s the value of personally reflecting on the Gospel. But just a thought … there is so much of the past in this passage, that it reminded me of the importance of really valuing our roots, our heritage, staying true to who we are and our charter as Lutheran Schools. Are we being reminded to stick to the original script with regard to why we have been established? As we navigate through the complexities of the educational environment in the 21st Century are we not reminded that our one BIG task is to “prepare the way” for our staff, our students, our families for His coming again?