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Christian Studies Leaders

Christian Studies Leaders


Each school in the LESER region is to appoint a Christian Studies Leader (CSL) who is the key contact person for Christian Studies in the school.  “The CSL is responsible to and reports to the principal on all matters relating to Christian Studies.” (p 55 CSCF)


Christian Studies Leaders, supported by the regional Education Officer – Christian Studies, will work with their principal and teachers to develop a whole-school plan that maps the strands, key ideas and outcomes covered within each Band of the CSCF.


The role statement provided below should serve as a starting point for schools to develop their own role statement for their Christian Studies Leader.  Individual role statements should reflect the specific context and nature of each educational site.


CS Leader Role Statement


Christian Studies Leaders’ Days


The LESER office provides professional learning days for Christian Studies Leaders   CSLs are encouraged to check this website for details of forthcoming days and to contact the Education officer for specific information and/or requests.


Christian Studies Leaders’ Handbook


The Christian Studies Leaders’ Handbook provides leaders with resources for the theological and pedagogical development of Christian Studies teachers.  Electronic copies are available through LEAdr.